TINKR is your local full service 3D printing creative studio. We conceptualise, design, model, collaborate with and 3D print for individuals and businesses big and small.

  • A small team of two creative-geek tinkrers, who help individuals and brands make their ideas/ sketches/ dreams a reality.

  • Follow us on facebook and instagram @tinkrsg for all our 3D printing inspirations!

We work with individuals, designers, makers, creators and brands to make their ideas a reality.

Like craftsmen, we care about what we TINKR with. Each print layer refined, every step of the design process taken into consideration.

We want to make a difference – Create things that change people’s lives. Inspire people to design, create and innovate for themselves.
Follow TINKR on Facebook and Instagram (@tinkrsg) for our 3D printing inspirations!